Member(s) of the Royal Family

It is a great privilege that you have granted us the use of the Villa Lante, and I am enormously grateful to the President, the Prime Minister, and the Italian Government, for their generosity. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to end by suggesting that any vision of a better future for people who are afflicted by mental illness must have its roots in a better understanding of mind and body, and in values that go far beyond the material. We will build a better future for the mentally ill because we know what 'better' means, and it means radical change in society's assumptions.

Here in Britain, we seem to get it wrong almost before we have begun. In France, Italy and Belgium, every child under five receives nursery education from the state. Here, less than half of our children have that right.

Sustainability and stewardship are not new objectives in farming; they are thoroughly traditional objectives, and well tried and tested in the process. We can still attain them today, but only if they are made absolutely central to farming policy. Bolt-on extras, whether for greenery, food quality or other social responsibilities simply won't work.

Nationally and internationally, this really is a time of great challenges for your industry and I do look forward, ladies and gentlemen, to keeping in touch with your activities as much as possible, through the Institution and by making further visits to see some of the many interesting and worthwhile things you are all doing.

Now it is not often that you can get the professors, the press, and the mandarins to agree. So I was surprised as I was delighted to find that they all agreed on the practical success of the pilot projects, and suggested new ideas for taking the initiative forward.

There are one or two buildings in London which stand out by their quality and which, upon further examination, turn out to have been designed or inspired by Americans. The first store in London to rival your department stores - Selfridges on Oxford Street - has really never been bettered as a civilised piece of 'retail development'.

Our efforts to protect them will not only determine the quality of life and economic security of future generations, but will test to the limit our readiness to cast off the kind of arrogance that has caused such devastating damage to the global environment, and to become the genuine stewards of all life on Earth, not just the Human bit of it.

In the words of Saki, "you can't expect a boy to be depraved until he has been to a good school!" 

Ladies and gentlemen, clearly what they need in Romania is a Civic Trust! It gives me great pleasure to declare this exhibition open.