...one of the many outstanding attributes of the Atlantic Salmon Trust is its uncanny ability to sense well in advance the key issues which need to be tackled and it has established an outstanding track record in relation to the practical, management-orientated research that they have commissioned or supported over the past five decades.

If we are to face the anxieties of our age with equanimity, we need disinterested enquiry, serious scholarship and a spirit of rigorous and humane partnership. 

It was my conviction then, as it still remains, that art and literature are utterly essential to understanding what it means to be human.

Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen, let us never forget – N’oublions jamais.

In my case, I fear I have many more interests than talents – which is why I feel so greatly honoured to be given such an award in the city of the Strozzis and the Medicis, the home of the Renaissance. 

I cannot tell you how deeply touched and grateful I am to receive from Your Excellency the Order of the Star of Romania

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a wonderful occasion and I found it deeply moving to hear so many of the young people's stories

I greatly appreciate the fact that so many of you should have come to celebrate the signing of a Collective Statement of Intent to end deforestation and forest degradation in the cocoa supply chain – a hugely encouraging step, if ever there was one, by twelve of the major cocoa and chocolate companies. 

I wanted to find a practical way of helping women and girls, and men, who had been left traumatised through no fault of their own, to have some comfort at such a distressing time. 

Now, in these turbulent times, I believe that it's more important than ever for women of all ages, and from every walk of life, to unite.