It is with immense pride and the greatest admiration for the inhabitants of these islands that I join you today in commemorating the extraordinary heroism displayed by the people of Malta some seventy-five years ago. 

Drawn from many nations we come together in their resting place...

Flying should indeed be challenging – but also fun.

My wife and I are very much looking forward to joining the great national celebration of the modern nation of Canada, established 150 years ago.

Needless to say, I really could not be more pleased to be joining what appears to be a great many old friends to celebrate the Soil Association's seventieth anniversary, and as your Patron to have this chance to offer my warmest congratulations...

Your stories are brimming with ideas, and fizzing with energy, and hopefully encouraging others, who are listening today, to follow your example. of the many outstanding attributes of the Atlantic Salmon Trust is its uncanny ability to sense well in advance the key issues which need to be tackled and it has established an outstanding track record in relation to the practical, management-orientated research that they have commissioned or supported over the past five decades.

If we are to face the anxieties of our age with equanimity, we need disinterested enquiry, serious scholarship and a spirit of rigorous and humane partnership. 

It was my conviction then, as it still remains, that art and literature are utterly essential to understanding what it means to be human.