As I reach something of a milestone in my own life later this year, I have been reflecting on how best to take that work forward to ensure my charities can keep doing the best for those people that they have been set up to help.

I wanted to do what I could just to highlight your achievements as individuals and as a profession and above all just to pay a very special tribute to you all because apart from anything else you’ve all been invited because you’ve made exceptional contributions in your field in so many different parts of the country.

This year, WOW will take place in 53 countries across the world. It truly is a global festival dedicated to presenting work by women and promoting equality for women and girls

The Ocean has an astonishing ability to heal itself if given the chance.  So Ladies and Gentlemen, we simply have to give it that chance, perhaps its last, for we must not only conserve what remains of these unique and vitally important ecosystems, but we must also allow Nature to restore what has already been lost.

I just wanted to use this opportunity to pay a particular tribute to your families who provide so much support and encouragement and understanding to their other halves who are so often carrying out all sorts of challenging operations here and in different parts of the world. We owe all of you in the battalions and the regiments an enormous debt of gratitude for the service and very often the sacrifice you provide.

In the worst cases a fundamental lack of confidence can hold young people back from even starting or progressing in our programmes, so it was vital that we could respond in some way to this.

I am privileged to meet many amazing women in my travels around the world and I know how important it is that we hear their voices and their experiences.  Thank you for helping us to make sure we record the great women of today so we can inspire the young women of tomorrow.  Telling their stories is not just good for women, it's good for the world.

When I first had the initial idea for the Trust, following my visits to India and Pakistan in 2006, I could scarcely have dared to dream that it would have the remarkable success that it has since enjoyed and that it would touch the lives of so many people in need across South Asia.

I am beginning to find some encouragement from the fact that a more integrated and joined-up approach is starting to unfold, with real leadership being shown by many individuals who are placing their intellectual, organizational, political and, indeed, financial capital into fostering integrated and collaborative efforts. 

It must surely be a collective responsibility for our generation to ensure that our children, grandchildren, and their children inherit a planet that can sustain them.