I have been involved in the Community Enterprise Awards for 11 years. Often striving against huge odds, community entrepreneurs provide hope, vision, services and opportunities for local people.

Encouraging achievement and developing hidden talent has been at the heart of what I have been trying to do for so much of my life.

Many of the original and, at the time, unorthodox ideas have since become accepted parts of corporate wisdom - such as building partnerships between the public and private sectors, backing community entrepreneurs and encouraging companies to devote a percentage of pre-tax profits towards community investment.

For me, the most heartening finding of the work so far has been the very wide measure of agreement between orthodox and complementary practitioners on the need for this to succeed.

So it would appear that we have reached a defining moment in our attitude towards healthcare in this country among both the public and health professionals.

These inspiring examples show what can be done, and what exciting possibilities there are for many historic buildings.

If I may say so, it is an enormous pleasure for me to have this opportunity of holding this reception here, and to see so many members of The Prayer Book Society, and indeed more than anything else to say how I could never possibly refuse Lord Charteris's invitation to do almost anything!

There is no doubt in my mind, ladies and gentlemen, about the contribution which study support can make to our schoolchildren who require help to learn in an environment free from competing distractions. I see this as a long-term investment in our children's future that will be repaid many times over by the benefits it will bring - not just to pupils themselves and the quality of their lives, but also to the community generally.

All these principles come down in the end to a battle for preserving sacred values. It is a battle to restore an understanding of the spiritual integrity of our lives, and for reintegrating what the modern world has fragmented.

What we have discovered after several years of experience is that here is a really practical way of benefiting both those who work for you and those aspire to do so