Our efforts to protect them will not only determine the quality of life and economic security of future generations, but will test to the limit our readiness to cast off the kind of arrogance that has caused such devastating damage to the global environment, and to become the genuine stewards of all life on Earth, not just the Human bit of it.

In the words of Saki, "you can't expect a boy to be depraved until he has been to a good school!" 

Ladies and gentlemen, clearly what they need in Romania is a Civic Trust! It gives me great pleasure to declare this exhibition open.

So many people, I suspect, fell utterly powerless to alter this situation so I hope that this museum, whilst entertaining and educating those who visit it, will at the same time help to show people just how far good taste has been diminished during the course of the past 20 years.

The City, My Lord Mayor, has every reason to feel proud of its commercial achievements. You should express your confidence in the environment for which you have responsibility. We have this unexpected second chance. Pray God we don't waste it this time.

The fact is that we are all responsible. We all discharge pollution, regardless of how our different countries measure it, and regardless of whether our activities pollute our own backyard or someone else's. 

If we manage to foster participation at all levels and to build on the willingness and enthusiasm of people to help themselves, we can pass on something to be proud of to future generations.

To be concerned about the way people live; about the environment they inhabit and the kind of community that is created by that environment should surely be one of the prime requirements of a really good architect.

But there are others who have been slow to realise the role young people can play – especially in an age then people seem to grow up so much more rapidly than before. Many private schools have also failed to appreciate the value of their facilities to young and old alike during the holidays then they are not normally required.

What a pleasure it is for a rapidly ageing graduate from the University of Cambridge to find himself in a position from which he can harangue a host of university professors and lecturers with apparent impunity? Even, dare I say it, my old social anthropology lecturer - Professor Leach.