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The Prince of Wales and The Duchess
of Cornwall

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Prince Harry



  • The Prince of Wales gives many speeches
  • The Prince of Wales introduces his daughter-in-law to the work of one of his charities, Children and the Arts
  • The Prince of Wales visits the Royal Opera House

The Prince of Wales is Patron or President of more than 400 organisations, listed below:

A Choirbook for The Queen
Patron (from 25/10/2011)

Patron (from 01/01/1979)

Patron (from 01/11/1995)

AFL Europe
Patron (from 24/10/2013)

Age Cymru
Patron (from 03/06/2010)

Age UK
Patron (from 15/03/2010)

Patron (from 01/08/2000)

Ballater Royal Horticultural Society
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

Botanic Gardens Conservation International
Patron (from 01/02/1991)

Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Patron (from 10/11/1998)

Breast Cancer Haven
Patron (from 06/11/2000))

British Council
Vice Patron (from 25/04/1984)

British Red Cross Society
President (from 13/02/2003)

British Youth Opera
Patron (from 01/08/2000)

Business in the Community
President (from 01/01/1985)

Cambridge University Polo Club
President (from 01/01/1975)

Canadian Warplane Heritage
Patron (from 01/01/1981)

Caring for God's Acre
Patron (from 5/06/2011)

Chelsea Physic Garden
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

Christ College Foundation
Patron (from 01/08/2000)

City Hospice
Patron (from 14/04/1998)

Comann Each Nan Eilean
Patron (from 04/03/1998)

Combat Stress
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

Cornwall Heritage Trust
Patron (from 01/02/1995)

Dance Base
Patron (from 09/07/1999)

Diamond Jubilee Champions
Joint Patron with The Duchess of Cornwall (from 05/04/2012)

Earth Rangers
Patron (from 09/05/2012)

Fakenham Racecourse
Patron (from 01/01/2000)

Fundacion Amistad Britanico-Mexicana
Patron (from 20/02/2002)

Garden Organic
Patron (from 01/01/1988)

Glamorgan County Cricket Club
Patron (from 01/01/1986)

Glasgow School of Art
Patron (from 10/07/2001)

Guinness Trust
Patron (from 29/01/1997)

Health & Hope
Patron (from 09/12/2014)

In Kind Direct
Founder & President (from 01/01/1997)

In Kind Direct Global Network
President (from 21/02/2011)

International Health Partners
Patron (from 15/11/2004)

Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development
Patron (from 03/11/2000)

Live Music Now!
Patron (from 12/07/1996)

Llandaff Cathedral Organ Appeal
Patron (from 17/12/2007)

Llandovery Rugby Football Club
Honorary Patron (from 25/06/2009)

Macmillan Cancer Support
Patron (from 02/01/1997)

Marie Curie 
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

Marine Rescue New South Wales
Patron-in-Chief (from 04/11/2009)

Music in Country Churches
Patron (from 01/02/1989)

National Rifle Association
President (from 01/01/1977)

North Pole Solo 2013
Patron (from 01/11/2010)

Oxford Botanic Garden
Patron (from 01/02/1991)

Paintings in Hospitals
Patron (from 24/11/1999)

Penny Brohn Cancer Care
Patron (from 21/02/1997)

Plantlife International
Patron (from 09/07/1999)

Practical Action
Patron (from 01/01/1980)

President (from 01/01/1999)

PRIME - Cymru
President (from 01/01/2001)

Prince's Charities Canada
President (from 30/04/2012)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Honorary Commissioner (from 25/05/2012)

Sabhal Mor Ostaig College of Further Education
Patron (from 01/01/1985)

Salisbury Cathedral Trust
President (from 01/01/1985)

Scottish Ballet
Patron (from 05/06/2009)

Scottish Business in the Community
President (from 01/01/1985)

Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Patron (from 06/12/2000)

Send A Cow
President (from 04/11/2009)

South Atlantic Medal Association (SAMA 82)
Patron (from 02/04/1997)

St Davids Cathedral Cloisters Project
Patron (from 08/01/2003)

St Mary's Priory Development Trust
Patron (from 09/07/1999)

Sue Ryder Care, Leckhampton Hospice
Patron (from 01/01/1986)

Surrey County Cricket Club
Patron (from 01/01/2000)

Sutton's Hospital in Charterhouse
Royal Governor (from 07/02/2006)

Taste of the West
Patron (from 09/07/1999)

Teach First
Patron (from 27/06/2008)

The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The Academy of Culinary Arts
Patron (from 24/02/1999)

The Actors' Benevolent Fund
Patron (from 01/01/2000)

The African Medical and Research Foundation
Patron (from 01/01/1979)

The Airborne Forces Security Fund
Patron (from 01/01/1980)

The Almshouse Association
Patron (from 01/07/1992)

The Alnwick Castle Gardens Restoration Project
Patron (from 25/07/1996)

The AMAR International Charitable Foundation
Patron (from 22/03/2004)

The Ancient Monuments Society
Patron (from 17/07/1990)

The Anmer Church Bells Jubilee Appeal
Patron (from 07/12/2011)

The Antarctic Winter Crossing Expedition 2012
Patron (from 11/04/2008)

The Aris Trust Centre for Tibetan and Himalayan Studies
Patron (from 22/03/1999)

The Armed Forces Art Society
Patron (from 01/01/1983)

The Armed Forces Memorial
Patron (from 03/03/2003)

The Arpana Charitable Trust (UK)
Patron (from 01/06/1995)

The Artists' General Benevolent Institution
Patron (from 01/01/2001)

The Ashden Awards
Patron (from 02/09/2005)

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
President (from 01/08/1999)

The Association for Research into Stammering in Childhood Appeal
Patron (from 19/10/2009)

The Association of Marshall Scholars
Honorary Patron (from 01/02/1989)

The Atlantic Salmon Trust
Patron (from 04/10/1983)

The Australian Music Foundation
Patron In Chief (from 01/04/1993)

The Australian Stock Horse Society
Patron (from 01/01/1980)

The Bach Choir
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

The Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society
Patron (from 23/03/2009)

The Bards of Wales Project
Patron (from 03/09/2010)

The Bath Festivals
Patron (from 11/12/2002)

The Bath Preservation Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1973)

The Battle of Britain Fighter Association
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Patron (from 01/10/1993)

The Beaufort Polo Club
Patron (from 01/01/1990)

The Belgo-British Bilateral Conference
Patron (from 01/10/2000)

The Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Trust
Patron (from 30/06/2011)

The Birmingham Royal Ballet
President (from 19/03/2003)

The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment Association)
Patron (from 30/03/2007)

The Black Watch Heritage Appeal
Patron (from 05/03/2008)

The Border Stick Dressers Association
Patron (from 06/11/2000)

The Brecknockshire Agricultural Society
Patron (from 01/01/2004)

The Brecon Cathedral Choir Endowment Fund
Patron (from 22/01/2002)

The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1985)

The Britannia Association
Patron (from 01/01/2000)

The British Asian Trust
President (from 01/01/2009)

The British Deer Society
Patron (from 01/01/1978)

The British Film Institute
Patron (from 01/01/1979)

The British Forces Foundation
Patron (from 18/06/1999)

The British Geriatrics Society for Health in Old Age
Patron (from 01/07/1993)

The British Horse Loggers
Patron (from 20/10/2004)

The British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society
Patron (from 17/12/2007)

The British Institute of Florence
Patron (from 01/01/1988)

The British Orthopaedic Association
Joint Patron (from 01/01/1994)

The British Parachute Association
Patron (from 07/10/1996)

The British Pteridological Society
Patron (from 05/05/1998)

The British School at Athens
Patron (from 01/12/1997)

The British Sub-Aqua Club
President (from 01/01/1974)

The British Wheelchair Sports Foundation
Patron (from 01/03/1978)

The British-Kuwait Friendship Society
Patron (from 06/01/1997)

The Caithness Agricultural Society
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The Caithness Archaeological Trust
Patron (from 20/10/2004)

The Caithness Heritage Trust
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The Caledonian Society of London
Honorary President (from 04/11/2009)

The Cambrian Archaeological Association
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

The Cambridge Commonwealth Trust
Patron (from 30/09/2010)

The Cambridge Overseas Trust for Countries outside the Commonwealth
Patron (from 01/10/2010)

The Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership
Patron (from 09/12/2008)

The Campaign for Wool
Patron (from 01/06/2010)

The Cardiff Business Club
Patron (from 01/02/1994)

The Castle Howard Arboretum Trust
Patron (from 01/06/1998)

The Cathedrals Workshop Fellowship
Patron (from 03/05/2006)

The Chatham Historic Dockyards Trust
Patron (from 03/2013)

The Chester Summer Music Festival
Patron (from 01/01/1982)

The Chichester Cathedral Lambert Barnard Paintings Appeal
Patron (from 29/07/2009)

The Chindits Old Comrades' Association
Patron (from 01/01/1980)

The Church of St Peter and St Paul, Walpole St Peter, Appeal
Patron (from 04/07/2011)

The Churches Conservation Trust
President (from 28/08/2007)

The Civic Trust for Wales
Patron (from 01/02/1996)

The Clan Sinclair Trust
Patron (from 26/02/2003)

The Clydesdale Horse Society
Patron (from 28/08/2007)

The College of Estate Management
Patron (from 01/08/1998)

The Combined Operations Pilotage Parties Heroes Memorial Fund
Patron (from 03/05/2011)

The Combined Services Polo Association
Patron (from 01/01/1996)

The Confederation of Service Charities
Patron (from 16/12/2010)

The Cornish Federation of Male Voice Choirs
Joint Patron with The Duchess of Cornwall (from 28/03/2011)

The Cornwall Crafts Association
President (from 01/01/1979)

The Cornwall Garden Society
Patron (from 01/01/1986)

The Cornwall Historic Churches Trust
Patron (from 12/03/2007)

The Cotswold Care Hospice
Patron (from 01/01/1991)

The Council for British Archaeology
Patron (from 01/01/1978)

The David Rattray Foundation
Patron (from 03/03/1998)

The Devon Cattle Breeders' Society
Patron (from 08/06/2009)

The Devon County Agricultural Association
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

The Diamond Jubilee River Pageant
Patron (from 16/01/2012)

The Donatella Flick Conducting Competition
Patron (from 17/09/1990)

The Dry Stone Walling Association
Patron (from 24/02/2006)

The Duchy Health Charity
Patron (from 14/04/2004)

The Elephant Family
Joint President with The Duchess of Cornwall (from 14/09/2014)

The Elgar Foundation
Patron (from 01/01/1975)

The English Chamber Orchestra and Music Society
Patron (from 01/01/1977)

The English College Foundation in Prague
Patron (from 01/02/1992)

The Environmental Law Foundation
President (from 11/01/2011)

The Erskine Hospital
Patron (from 01/01/1979)

The Exeter Cathedral Third Millennium Campaign
Patron (from 22/10/2004)

The FARA Foundation
Patron (from 01/04/2000)

The Farm Crisis Network
Patron (from 09/09/2003)

The Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens
Patron (from 16/08/2001)

The Field Studies Council
Patron (from 01/10/1993)

The Flyfishers' Club
Patron (from 01/01/1984)

The Foundation and Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Patron (from 08/01/1992)

The Foundation of the College of St. George
President (from 01/01/1975)

The Friends of Brecon Cathedral
Patron (from 01/01/1974)

The Friends of Canterbury Cathedral
Patron (from 02/02/2005)

The Friends of Chester Cathedral
Patron (from 01/01/1979)

The Friends of Conservation
Patron (from 01/01/1988)

The Friends of Exeter Cathedral
Patron (from 01/01/1979)

The Friends of Mount Athos
Patron (from 26/01/2012)

The Friends of Mount Athos Hilandar Appeal
Patron (from 17/08/2006)

The Friends of Nagaur
Patron (from 28/04/1999)

The Friends of Tetbury Hospital
Patron (from 01/01/1982)

The Fund for Wales
Patron (from 01/03/2011)

The Gannet AEW-3 Restoration Project
Patron (from 03/02/2010)

The Garden Society
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The Garden Society of Scotland
Patron (from 28/08/2007)

The General Osteopathic Council
Patron (from 09/07/1997)

The George C. Marshall Centre
Honorary Co-Chairman (from 01/02/1996)

The Georgian Group
Patron (from 13/02/2003)
Vice Patron (from 22/06/1999)

The Georgian Theatre Royal
Joint Patron with The Duchess of Cornwall (from 16/09/2005)

The Global Board of the Mariinsky Theatre
Patron (from 04/03/1999)

The Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust
Patron (from 01/07/1990)

The Gloucestershire Root, Fruit and Grain Society
Patron (from 01/03/1985)

The Goon Show Preservation Society
Patron (from 04/03/1998)

The Gordon Highlanders Museum
Patron (from 08/09/2003)

The Great Fen Project
Patron (from 07/06/2007)

The Great Steward of Scotland's Dumfries House Trust
President (from 01/06/2007)

The Guards Parachute Association
Patron (from 01/01/1979)

Gurkha Welfare Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1989)

The Harrogate International Festival
Patron (from 04/11/2009)

The Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust
Patron (from 09/02/2004)

The Heritage Crafts Association
President (from 11/01/2011)

The Highland and Lowland Brigades Club
Patron (from 19/07/2007)

The Historic Towns Forum
Patron (from 04/11/2009)

The HMS Hermione Association
Honorary President (from 01/09/1994)

The Holfords of Westonbirt Trust
Joint President with The Duchess of Cornwall (from 08/06/2006)

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
Patron (from 17/11/2015)

The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion
Patron (from 01/01/2000)

The Hopetoun House Preservation Trust
Patron (from 06/11/2000)

The Hunt Staff Benefit Society
President and Patron (from 01/01/2000)

The Institute of Irish Studies at the University of Liverpool
Joint Patron (from September 2017)

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers Benevolent Fund
Patron (from 01/01/1981)

The International Club Berlin
Patron (from 01/03/2001)

The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU)
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

International Tree Foundation
Patron (from 01/01/1978)

The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1984)

The Isaac Newton Trust
Patron (from 01/01/2004)

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1985)

The Jaipur Virasat Foundation
Patron (from 30/01/2004)

The Jewish Museum
Patron (from 22/08/2008)

The John Muir Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1988)

The Keats-Shelley Memorial Association
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The King James Bible Trust
Patron (from 08/08/2007)

The King's Fund
President (from 01/01/1986)

The Landmark Trust
Patron (from 01/05/1993)

The Launceston Agricultural Association
Patron (from 01/01/1986)

The Learned Society of Wales
Royal Patron (from 28/04/2014) 

Les Bourgs
Patron (from 27/02/2013)

The Limnerslease Project Appeal
Patron (from 16/09/2011)

The Lincoln Cathedral Fabric Fund
Patron (from 23/11/2011)

The Lincolnshire Churches Trust
Patron (from 13/09/2002)

The Llandovery Sheep Festival
Patron (from 17/09/2010)

The Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod
Patron (from 21/04/1997)

The Lleyn Sheep Society
Patron (from 13/02/2006)

The Loan Fund for Musical Instruments
Patron (from 01/01/1979)

The London Cornish Association
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

The London International Piano Competition
Patron (from 07/05/1998)

The London Welsh Rugby Football Club
Patron (from 01/01/1985)

The Manchester Grammar School Trust
Patron (from 07/05/1998)

The Marans Club
Patron (from 13/10/2005)

The Marine Conservation Society
President (from 01/01/1989)

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Honorary Commodore (from 01/01/1980)

The Mary Rose Trust
President (from 01/01/1975)

The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology
Patron (from 03/09/2007)

The Masterworks Foundation Bermuda
Patron (from 03/02/2003)

The Mid-Somerset Agricultural Society
Patron (from 01/01/1982)

The Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra
Patron (from 22/02/2010)

The Mountbatten Memorial Trust
Patron (from 18/07/2007)

The Museum of Garden History
Patron (from 01/01/1988)

The Mutton Renaissance Club
Patron (from 15/08/2005)

The National Benevolent Institution
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

The National Botanic Garden of Wales
Patron (from 01/04/2000)

The National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens
Patron (from 01/03/1992)

The National Gallery Trust
Patron (from 01/02/1993)

The National Gardens Scheme Charitable Trust
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The National Hedgelaying Society
Patron (from 05/09/2001)

The National Museums at Chatham
Patron (from 24/02/2006)

The National Piping Centre
Patron (from 26/10/1999)

The National Police Memorial Day
Patron (from 31/07/2006)

The National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners
Patron (from 04/07/2011)

The National Trust for Jersey
Patron (from 03/01/2007)

The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty
President (from 13/02/2003)

The National Trust for Scotland
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The New English Art Club
Patron (from 01/08/1996)

The New York Academy of Art
Patron (from 10/12/2001)

The New Zealand College of Community Medicine
Patron (from 01/01/1984)

The Norfolk and Norwich Horticultural Society
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

The Norfolk Churches Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1989)

The North Country Cheviot Sheep Society
Patron (from 15/05/2006)

The North of England Horticultural Society
Patron (from 02/02/2010)

The Old Cranwellian Association
Patron (from 01/01/1977)

The Old Vic 200th Anniversary
Patron (from September 2017)

The Orders and Medals Research Society
Patron (from 01/01/1979)

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
Patron (from 01/06/1993)

The Painshill Park Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1987)

The Parachute Regiment Charity
Patron (from 10/03/2010)

The Parachute Regimental Association
Patron (from 01/04/1993)

The Philharmonia Chorus
Patron (from 01/01/1986)

The Philharmonia Orchestra
Patron (from 01/01/1980)

The Police Foundation
Patron (from 01/06/2001)

The Portsmouth Royal Maritime Club
Patron (from 23/07/2007)

The Poultry Club of Great Britain
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The Prayer Book Society
Patron (from 21/02/2000)

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation
Patron (from 01/09/1987)

The Prince of Wales Hospice
President (from 28/01/2000)

The Prince of Wales's Business and Sustainability Programme
President (from 01/01/1994)

The Prince of Wales's Company Club Welsh Guards
President (from 01/01/1975)

The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts
President (from 01/09/2003)

The Prince's Charities Foundation (China)
President (from 10/05/2010)

The Prince's Countryside Fund
Patron (from 03/06/2010)

The Prince's Drawing School
President (from 01/06/2000)

The Prince's Foundation for Building Community
Founder and President (from 30/01/1992)

The Prince's Regeneration Trust
President (from 01/01/1997)

The Prince's School of Traditional Arts
President (from 01/04/2004)

The Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust
President (from 01/01/1986)

The Prince's Teaching Institute
President (from 18/08/2006)

The Prince's Trust
President (from 01/01/1976)

The Prince's Youth Business International
President (from 01/05/2008)

The Purcell School
Patron (from 01/01/1985)

The Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust
President (from 15/10/1996)

The Queen Elizabeth II September 11th Garden
Patron (from 08/09/2003)

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST)
Patron (from 11/04/2017)

The Queen Mother's Memorial Fund for Scotland
Patron (from 04/11/2003)

The Queen's Flight Association
Patron (from 01/01/1983)

The Queen's Trust for Young Australians
Patron (from 01/01/1977)

The Rajasthan Polo Club
Patron (from 01/01/1981)

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1986)

The Red Squirrel Survival Trust
Patron (from 23/05/2008)

The Regina Symphony Orchestra
Patron (from 01/08/2008)

The Reserve Forces Ulysses Trust
Patron (from 01/10/1992)

The Riggit Galloway Society
Patron (from 01/03/2007)

The Round Tower Churches Society
Patron (from 13/10/2005)

The Royal Academy Trust
Honorary President (from 01/02/1993)

The Royal Agricultural College
President (from 01/01/1982)

The Royal Agricultural Society of England
Honorary Trustee (from 16/05/2000)

The Royal Asiatic Society
Patron (from 01/01/2000)

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
Patron (from 01/01/1984)

The Royal Ballet
President (from 19/03/2003)

The Royal Bath and West of England Society
Vice President (from 01/01/1978)

The Royal Cambrian Academy of Art
Patron (from 23/09/2008)

The Royal Collection Trust
Chairman (from 01/02/1993)

The Royal College of Music
President (from 01/01/1993)

The Royal College of Psychiatrists
Patron (from 17/01/1984)

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The Royal Conservatory of Music
Patron (from 09/05/2012)

The Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association
Vice President (from 01/01/1985)
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

The Royal Cornwall Yacht Club
Patron (from 01/01/1977)

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, Friends in the United Kingdon
Patron (from 17/07/2003)

The Royal Hall Restoration Trust
Patron (from 18/03/2003)

The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club
Patron (from 01/11/1994)

The Royal Institution of Cornwall
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

The Royal Institution of Great Britain
Vice Patron (from 01/01/1979)

The Royal Jubilee Trusts
President (from 01/01/1977)

The Royal Meteorological Society
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

The Royal National College for the Blind
Patron (from 01/07/1997)

The Royal Naval and Royal Marines Equestrian Association
Patron And Life Member (from 01/01/2000)

The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1979)

The Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve & Royal Naval Reserve (London Division) Old Hands Association
Patron (from 17/07/1982)

The Royal Navy Club of 1765 and 1785
Patron (from 01/01/2002)

The Royal New Zealand Coastguard Federation
Patron (from 01/01/1985)

The Royal Opera
Patron (from 01/01/1975)

The Royal Opera House
Patron (from 06/02/2009)

The Royal Parks Foundation
Patron (from 21/10/2003)

The Royal Pavilion & Museums Foundation
Patron (from 01/01/1989)

The Royal Regiment of Wales Officers' Dining Club
Patron (from 01/01/1969)

The Royal Regiment of Wales Regimental Association
Patron (from 01/01/1969)

The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The Royal Shakespeare Company
President (from 01/08/1991)

The Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers
Patron (from 14/08/2002)

The Royal Television Society
Patron (from 25/11/1997)

The Royal Town Planning Institute
Patron (from 01/01/1989)

The Royal Ulster Constabulary GC Foundation
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
Patron (from 20/10/1999)

The Safer London Foundation
Patron (from 18/08/2004)

The Salmon and Trout Association
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The Samaritans
Patron (from 05/07/1999)

The Sandringham Estate Cottage Horticultural Society
Patron (from 02/12/2002)

The Saudi-British Society
Patron (from 01/01/1989)

The School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia
Patron (from 01/01/1992)

The Scottish Association of Young Farmers' Clubs' 75th Anniversary Year November 2012 - November 2013
Patron (from 05/03/2012)

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Patron (from 06/11/2000)

The Scottish Civic Trust
Patron (from 01/12/1990)

The Scottish Wildlife Trust
Patron (from 01/01/1989)

The Sherpa Heritage Museum Project
President (from 28/08/2007)

The Simon Bolivar College
Founder (from 01/12/1994)

The Society of Friends of the Royal Naval Museum and HMS Victory
Patron (from 01/01/1977)

The Soil Association
Patron (from 01/01/1999)

The Soil Association Twenty Million Appeal
Chairman (from 04/03/2004)

The South Devon Herd Book Society
Patron (from 18/01/2007)

The South Wales Male Choir
Patron (from 15/06/1982)

The Specialist Cheesemakers Association
Patron (from 01/03/1993)

The St Catherine Foundation
Patron (from 01/11/1995)

The Stained Glass Museum
Patron (from 21/04/1997)

The Stockman's Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre
Patron (from 01/01/1988)

The Sussex Cattle Society
Patron (from 11/06/2002)

The Swansea Valley Miners Appeal Fund
Patron (from 20/09/2011)

The Tarporley Hunt Club
Patron (from 01/01/1980)

The Temenos Academy
Patron (from 07/05/1997)

The Tetbury Art Society
President (from 22/03/2011)

The Tetbury Music Festival
Patron (from 01/07/2003)

The Tetbury Partnership
Patron (from 17/01/2006)

The Three Choirs Festival Association
President (from 14/12/2001)

The Ton Class Association
Patron (from 01/02/1994)

The Transylvania Fest
Patron (from 11/01/2011)

The Tree Register
Patron (from 15/02/2007)

The Trinity '69 Foundation
Patron And Member Of Committee (from 01/01/1989)

The Trinity College Choir Association
President (from 28/08/2007)

The Trust to Preserve the History of the 6th Airborne Division's Assault into Normandy
Patron (from 01/01/1983)

The Turner Society
Patron (from 01/01/1986)

The Turquoise Mountain Foundation
President (from 25/02/2006)

The University of Wales Trinity St David's
Patron (from 06/03/2012)

The Variety Club of Australia
Patron (from 01/01/1975)

The War Widows Association of Great Britain
Patron (from 01/04/1995)

The Watercolour Society of Wales
Patron (from 24/04/2007)

The Canal and River Trust (previously Patron of The Waterways Trust since 2001)
Patron (from 01/01/2012)

The Watkin Professorship of the History of the Classical Tradition in Architecture Appeal
Patron (from 01/11/2010)

The Weldmar Hospice care Trust
Patron (from 01/03/1994)

The Welsh Association of Male Choirs
Patron (from 01/01/1984)

The Welsh Black Cattle Society
Patron (from 01/04/1980)

The Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal
Patron (from 02/09/2009)

The Welsh Historic Gardens Trust
Patron (from 01/04/1991)

The Welsh National Culinary Team
Patron (from 06/11/2000)

The Welsh National Opera
Patron (from 29/05/1997)

The Welsh Polo Association
Patron (from 09/01/2012)

The Welsummer Breed Poultry Club
Patron (from 13/02/2003)

The Westminster Abbey Triforium Project
Patron (from 14/11/2011)

The White Ensign Association
Patron (from 01/08/2000)

The Whiteley Homes Trust Appeal
Patron (from 30/05/2007)

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
President (from 01/01/1979)

The Wildlife Trusts
Patron (from 01/01/1977)

The William Walton Foundation
Patron (from 01/01/1986)

The Woodchester Mansion Trust
Patron (from 22/07/2002)

The Wordsworth Trust
Patron (from 01/04/1996)

The World Jewish Relief Ukrane Livelihood Development Programme
Patron (from 21/12/2010)

The Yorkshire Agricultural Society
Patron (from 01/01/1998)

The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust
Patron (from 14/10/1996)

The Young Dragons
Patron (from 24/06/2009)

Theatrum Gedanense Foundation
Patron (from 01/01/1990)

Troop Aid
Patron (from 23/09/2008)

Ty Hafan: The Children's Hospice in Wales
Patron (from 17/01/2001)

Tyrone Guthrie Centre
Patron (from 24/02/1999)

University of Otago Graduates' Association
Patron (from 01/01/1987)

University of Wales, Bangor, 125th Anniversary Campaign
Patron (from 10/05/2006)

Victoria Cross and George Cross Association
President (from 13/02/2003)

Walk the Walk
Patron (from 12/04/2005)

President (from 01/06/1991)

Wells Cathedral Preservation Trust
President (from 01/01/1976)

Wells Cathedral School
Patron (from 01/01/1985)

West Cumbria Hospice at Home
Patron (from 01/01/1997)

Wilton's Music Hall
Patron (from 10/05/2006)

Woodland Heritage
Patron (from 01/06/2005)

Worlitz Gardens
Patron (from 17/12/1996)

President (from 31/08/2011)

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