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  • Global Sustainability

    The British Asian Trust

  • The British Asian Trust
  • The British Asian Trust
By supporting carefully selected projects, we have shown how we can utterly transform the lives of those in need, creating lasting change.
HRH The Prince of Wales
In a region where 500 million people survive on less than $2 a day, we understand that the root causes of poverty go beyond a shortage of money, food and shelter. Complex issues with education, healthcare and employment opportunities keep many people on the margins. In response to this need, we support programmes that improve the quality of education, that facilitate skills and training to support livelihoods and that highlight the urgent need to combat child trafficking and to break the silence about mental health issues. To date, we have had a positive impact on the lives of more than 3 million people in South Asia through a pioneering approach of collective giving to create impactful and sustainable change.


  • Girls at NOWA Development in Literacy School in Pakistan

    Girls at NOWA Development in Literacy School in Pakistan

  • Working to correct sight with LRBT in Pakistan

    Working to correct sight with LRBT in Pakistan

  • Mann Deshi Business Bus in India

    Mann Deshi Business Bus in India

  • Aangan Mumbai in India

    Aangan Mumbai in India

  • The flood devastation in Pakistan

    The flood devastation in Pakistan

  • Saath in India

    Saath in India


We lead the agenda for giving to South Asia by using research to highlight challenges and offer solutions where philanthropy can have maximum impact.



We believe in the power of collective giving, convening philanthropists, corporates, trusts and foundations that are passionate about giving to South Asia.



With the help of these funders and exceptional local partners, we equip disadvantaged people not just with skills and resources, but also with the confidence and sense of value they need to transform their lives, improve their communities and reach their full potential.



The Trust addresses key challenges and spotlights urgent issues across South Asia.



Across South Asia, 13.5 million children have not completed their primary education, and a third of those who have lack basic literacy and numeracy skills. Over 25 million children of early secondary school age are out of school. The situation is worse for girls, with only 1 in every 100 completing secondary school and 60% married before the legal age of 18.

Our Education Fund facilitates access to quality education and supports progression into higher education and training to help break the cycle of disempowerment.



One third of all women globally living in poverty are in rural South Asia, reliant on unstable, informal agricultural work and subsistence farming. Over 30 million young people lack marketable skills and face long-term unemployment. Over 60 million people with disabilities are unable to access jobs or training, often facing discrimination and abuse.

Our Livelihoods Fund facilitates access to enterprise development skills for rural women and small holder farmers, and vocational skills for disadvantaged young people and those with disabilities.



An estimated 90 million people in South Asia are affected by mental health issues, but there is scarce medical treatment available. Fears and superstitions pervade public perceptions. In desperation, families turn to faith healers, keep sick relatives chained and hidden, or abandon them.

Our Mental Health Fund helps raise awareness to overcome prejudice and supports diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration of those with mental health issues, and their carers.



Child trafficking is the fastest growing global crime, a $32 billion industry that trades over 1 million children each year. Over 40 million children in South Asia are currently vulnerable to trafficking, at risk of exploitation and abuse, of being prostituted, and bonded into servitude and/or manual labour.


Our Anti-Trafficking Fund addresses the underlying issues that traffickers target, leverages technology in the fight against trafficking, and supports rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors.


The Prince of Wales's charity, The British Asian Trust unlocks the life potential of disadvantaged people in South Asia, enabling them to transform their own lives—we offer a hand up, not a hand-out.

Case study

Mann Deshi - Creating Futures for Women

Mann Deshi

The British Asian Trust chose to work alongside Mann Deshi because it provided a future for women living in a district where on average 65% of women are illiterate. We are proud to say that since 2006, 16,000 women have been trained at the Mann Deshi School and over 11,000 new business women have been created. The organisation aims to encourage the achivement of social goals that include empowerment, asset creation, leadership development, capacity building and property rights for women. It does…

Read case study
  • Livelihoods

    Mann Deshi

    The British Asian Trust would like to build on The Prince’s Charities expertise in the area of enterprise in the UK, to support indigenous organisations that are creating innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable programmes to tackle critical problems in their communities.

    Find out more about our Livelihoods programme
  • Education

    Educate Girls India

    British Asians have put education highest on the list of causes they feel most passionate about. The British Asian Trust wants to support organisations that go beyond the normal boundaries of education and focus on meeting gaps such as models that engage communities and work with other partners, secondary and tertiary education, teacher training, life-skills development and alternative education programmes.

    Find out more about our programme supporting education for young girls.
  • Disability & Mental Health

    Our work to date has facilitated much needed diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for more than 2,700 people with mental health related issue. We also support people with disabilities to access livelihoods through ability-based training and removing industry barriers to employment.

    Find out more about our mental health initiative.