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  • The Built Environment

    The Prince's Foundation for Building Community

  • Summer School writing workshop
I am delighted that my Foundation combines education with championing community-building worldwide, engaging with all sorts of people across the globe and bringing talented people together to create long-term, practical solutions to the communities in which we live.
HRH The Prince of Wales
The Prince's Foundation for Building Community transforms lives through engaging, educating and empowering people. It teaches and demonstrates sustainable development placing community engagement at the heart of its work; believing that listening to the wisdom of local people is crucial to successful sustainable development. The Prince’s Foundation has joined forces with the Prince’s Regeneration Trust. The Trust have joined us at our offices in Shoreditch where they will continue to deliver a programme of advisory work on heritage projects and its highly regarded BRICK community education programme, as a subsidiary of the Foundation. Both charities feel this is an exciting way for us to create an even more resident future for Britain’s built heritage. 


  • Image of urban extension to Newquay

    Newquay Urban Extension

  • Highbury Gardens in London

    Highbury Gardens

  • Lime training on Merchant Street heritage building

    Traditional crafts training in Myanmar

  • The Prince of Wales with graduates of The Prince's Foundation for Building Community

    The Prince of Wales with graduates of The Prince's Foundation for Building Community

  • Rose Town

    Rose Town

We transform lives by building resilient places. We believe that sustainably planned, built and maintained communities improve the quality of life of everyone who is part of them. Every day, we are helping people to live better at a local level.

We do this by:

  • Educating People: 

Our Building Skill program equips professionals, graduates, students and the public with the skills they need to design, build and preserve sustainable communities. There is a shortage of both craft skills in the UK and globally of urban design and green architecture knowledge; our education programmes help to bridge that gap. 

  • Building Places:

We create design visions, frameworks and professional teams to build timeless places. 

  • Pioneering New Practices: 

We use our practical experience and research to challenge and change current development practice. Recent work includes our housing reports exploring estate regeneration, solutions to housing issues in London as well as our work on the Prince's Natural House 

Through engaging people, we bring planners designers, builders, local authorities, community groups and governments together to help create, support and evolve sustainable communities.

Our workshops have been successful both in the UK and across the world and by 2025 we’ll have helped tens of thousands of people worldwide live in sustainable communities.

Projects such as Highbury Gardens on the Holloway Road in London, Upton in the Midlands, Newquay and Coed Darcy in South Wales demonstrate the relevance of our approach to varied settings across the UK.

Our work in Jamaica, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Myanmar are examples of the applicability of our principles of community building around the world.



  • The Prince's Foundation work in Nairobi with the Community Cooker Foundation on a waste-to-energy solution

  • Understand our toolkit BIMBY and how it can help communities engage positively with planning

  • The Prince's Foundation work in Nairobi with the Community Cooker Foundation on a waste-to-energy solution

  • Listen to Ben Bolgar, our Senior Design Director, and others explain in detail what our Enquiry by Design process entails and why we think it is crucial to work closely with communities during the planning process.

Case study

The Prince's Natural House

The Prince's Natural House

The Prince’s Natural House offers a prime example of how we can live in a traditionally built low carbon home built from natural materials; its pioneering design is our very own answer to eco living.The house uses timeless principles of the thermal mass, passive ventilation and natural insulation to create a low carbon, healthy and attractive alternative to the high-tech solutions favoured by most architects. The walls are composed of a simple solid clay block structure containing small pockets…

Read case study
  • Regenerating a region: our work in Swansea

    Opening of Swansea Bay Campus by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2016

    For over 15 years, we have been one of the driving forces behind the creation of the campus, working with the original landowners, BP plc and the University of Swansea to regenerate the site.

    Find out more
  • Planning for Rapid Urbanisation

    The world is experiencing a massive shift from rural to urban populations. In India, for example, the current rate of urbanisation amounts to thirty people moving to an urban centre every minute. The Prince's Foundation is drawing on international experience to consider ways to approach this growing issue.

    Find out more about the Foundation's work in this area
  • Living Restoration and Urban Planning in Myanmar

    Regenerated building in Yangon

    Yangon, in Myanmar, has amazingly beautiful heritage buildings. Under threat by economic growth, The Prince's Foundation partnered up with Yangon Heritage Trust and Turquoise Mountain to renovate an exemplar site using local crafts skills as well as create an urban plan for the downtown area.

    Find out more about this renovation and wider project work