Helen Brittain - Head of History

Case Study


Listening to expert speakers and spending the weekend with like-minded people at the PTI History Summer School in Cambridge in 2010, was a reminder of why I love History.

I returned to school excited and with a renewed belief in the importance of my subject.

Challenged by the PTI to develop departmental objectives which were rigorous and ensured pupil enjoyment, here are some of the activities we implemented in school this year:

  • Further to inspirational talks given by leading experts, organised by the PTI on the importance of the Middle Ages, we have developed a research programme with the Lincoln City museum to develop a unit on Lincoln in the Middle Ages. 
  • To encourage pupils’ enthusiasm for Russian history the History Department took 32 Year 12 and 13 students to Russia in October 2010. Incorporating St Petersburg, the important sites of the revolution and Moscow, the trip was an excellent complement to the Year 12 History course. Since then we have seen more students take up History as an option! 
  • One of our PTI objectives was to develop more links with other subject departments and to develop more enrichment days. Along with the Religious Education Department, we have worked on ‘Never Stop Asking Questions’ Day which challenges ideas about Islam; and an ‘India Day’ which covers many aspects of Indian culture and history.

The PTI has reaffirmed what I have always passionately believed, that is the importance of History and subject specialist teachers delivering it in schools. The PTI has provided inspiration to me both in general about teaching and also in specific areas of knowledge, delivered by people who have shown me new approaches I can use in school to challenge and enthuse my students.

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