Some of our service users have never been able to do something as simple as relaxing in a warm bath. Being able to enjoy a bath in peace and comfort then having a luxury towel to envelop you can be a calming and comforting experience. It’s a small thing that makes a massive difference - Sharon Aitchison, Women’s Aid Monklands, Scotland.

In Kind Direct currently supplies products to 40 branches of Women’s Aid, the national charity providing support and safe temporary accommodation for women, children and young people fleeing domestic abuse. Arlene

Cochrane, Director at the Women’s Aid branch in Fortalice Bolton says: “Many of the essentials, particularly things like nappies and washing powder, become hugely expensive in the quantities that we need them. We save a lot of money on running the service by using In Kind Direct.”

Many women fleeing violent situations leave with nothing. By working with In Kind Direct, Women’s Aid branches are able to put together starter packs of quality branded products for women with products such as toothbrushes, shampoo, underwear and towels.

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